Aceite de Oliva Solidario

The extra virgin Two times good

Buying this EVOO Orolíquido help AIS

RASTRO SOLIDARIO is a non-governamental development organization (NGDO) that in July 2011 launched a collective #Fundraising platform with the aim of providing all NGOs, the resources they need for the implementation of their social programs.

Since 2005, Orolíquido has been working to help Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers to transmit the passion for EVOO that they share, so that the customer enjoys an unforgettable experience.

Rastro Solidario and Orolíquido are working to develop a common solidarity project.

Putting in contact the producers who have always bet for transmitting a different message with the production of their Extra Virgin Olive Oils with NGO projects where to allocate a percentage of their sales and provide them with resources.

Buying Solidarity Olive Oil is helping twice. On the one hand, you support producers who are committed to making a real EVOO and on the other hand, you help to make the dreams of children and their families come true through the purchase of the solidarity product.

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